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AtChatRoom.Com - Chat Zone

AtChatRoom.Com's Chat Zone is a free and very popular chat room for all ages. It is always full of other general chatters looking to have a fun and exciting chat with other people from around the world. Like all of our chat rooms, this chat room is FREE. If you want to invite friends, you can do so using our easy friend invite form. Also, if you have any questions or comments about Chat Zone, you can use our Live Help Chat Room. Thank you again for making AtChatRoom.Com your #1 free chat room source!

Chat Room Rules:

Our Free Chat Room Chat Rules:

1.) Never give out personal information, it could get you banned!
2.) Do not flood the channel quickly with text, it will get you kicked out!
3.) Please do not be racist, or use terroristic threats in the chat.
4.) Do not advertise other web sites in the chat, you could get banned.
5.) Most of all, just have fun and be respectful to other chatters! Thanks!

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